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Professional cleaning of wedding dresses, suits, laundry, curtains & furnishings, repairs, alterations and more...
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Dry Cleaning Services

Taking care of your garments and paying attention to detail to ensure we get the best possible results are always our main aims.

We will always carefully inspect any garments before cleaning, but it also helps if you can give us as much information as you can about any marks.

We use different cleaning processes depending on the item but always follow the care labels, pre-treat any marks where possible, and will re-clean as necessary within the limits of the fabric.

As we clean most items on site in Witney we can usually complete cleaning within a couple of days. Alterations and repairs are carried out off-site but are ready to pick up within four days.

Alterations and repairs
We offer a range of repairs and alterations, including shortening trousers and sleeves and taking in waists. We can repair clothes, replace zips and re-sew hems, and can also alter and repair suede and leather.

Express service
We can clean most items the same day subject to the condition of the garment and if we receive it before 11:00 am.

Evening wear
We can clean and finish by hand all evening wear including ball gowns, prom dresses and dinner suits to ensure your special outfits are ready for any occasion.

Delicates and silks
Let us look after your most delicate items of clothing using our specialist equipment and treatments to clean with care.

Why not try our shirt service? We can competitively launder and press five shirts as a package.

Duvets and bedding
We do need to send duvets away to be cleaned but we launder all other bedding, including sheets, at our premises in Witney. We can also launder your towels.

Curtains and household items
Give your home furnishings a new lease of life by getting them professionally dry cleaned by our experienced team.

Pressed only service
This is the perfect way to freshen up a special occasion outfit or clothes that have not been worn for a while.

Preservation boxes
Help protect and preserve special outfits such as wedding and prom dresses or christening clothes in one of our special hand-made storage boxes. We also have a selection of travel boxes.

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